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ANMOL was founded in 1986 by Ishu Datwani – a first-generation jewellery entrepreneur. It has today become synonymous with the best brands in the industry. This journey has been possible because of the attitude of reinventing the brand time & again. ANMOL today is revered by top Bollywood actors & celebrities and has had the distinction of doing wedding jewellery for quite a few of the high profile Bollywood actresses like Shilpa Shetty, Lara Dutta, Malaika Arora, Urvashi Sharma & Preeti Jhangiani. ANMOL pioneered the shift of jewellery from just being a commodity to a piece of art by adding a design element to it. It has managed to create an aura for the brand in the mind of the consumer where she/he equates the brand with the best designs. ANMOL’s vision is to be the ‘Creator of Trends & Custodian of Trust in the jewellery industry’. In the wake of having proclaimed the ‘Era of Design’, the honors and recognitions bagged by ANMOL in the realm of jewellery is to remind that ANMOL is India’s finest and most revered jewellery brand.


The exuberant zeal and passion of our founder, Ishu Datwani, is the chief driving force behind ANMOL. His journey with jewels and gems started when he successfully pursued a course at the Gemological Institute whilst in college as a student of Commerce. Soon after, Ishu started soliciting business visiting house to house while still studying. Ishu made headway into the jewellery business with a firm resolve to create a brand to reckon with. He had no Godfathers or advisors : all that he had was a heart filled with hope and a determined mindset. The rest, as they say, is history. From humble beginnings 35 years ago, today ANMOL prides itself on being the mirror that reflects design in every nuance and emotion. The future is full of dazzling designs and countless creations.

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